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Listed below are some of the most common computer repairs. For other issues not listed please call, we offer free diagnostic with completion of service.


Not sure on what the problem might be? Let our technician's diagnose your computer for you. We offer free diagnostic with service!


Most computers have a tendency to be infiltrated by spyware, malware, or viruses. They often go undetected for months and can slowly cause your computer to stop working properly. We specialize in removing various types of threats to get your system running back to normal.

Computers can become slow and a bit unresponsive over time. Just like a car, these machines require tune ups to help them operate at their best. A system tune up can enhance your performance without modifying your system. 
Replacement Parts

Broken LCD Screen


Power Supply

Video Card


Touch pad

Dust and Debris Cleaning 

New Operating System

Often a whole system can become compromised by simply deleting a necessary file or unknowingly downloading virus. These are just a few things that can corrupt your system causing it to break down and simply not turn on. When this occurs a new operating system is usually required to get you up and running again.

Computer Networking
We also provide assistance setting up your computer networking needs. Maybe your printer isn't connecting to your WiFi, or you are having issues connecting to the internet in general. We can help!
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